Quilt Patterns

Bargello Quilt Patterns

Using Bargello quilt patterns is a colorful way to get into this exciting craft. It is an intricate use of color and lines that make these quilts some of the most popular. Bargello quilt designs are simple to explain and fun to do anytime of year.

People who have never quilted before may think that quilting could never be described as exciting or electrifying. Those who are quiltmakers though, know the feeling of pride that rushes over you when you finish a quilt.

The art of quilting has been enjoyed for centuries. Generations of families have passed on their traditions of Bargello quilt patterns. Starting as children, teenagers, young adults, adults and all the up until you reach being a senior citizen, quilting can be a part of your life. A family builds communities around their Bargello designs.

Quilting bees used to be held for neighbors to get together and quilt. This served as a time of relaxing and catching up on each other's family life. Today, people still gather together to discuss their joy in the pastime and different quilt patterns they have tried.

One of the designs that quilters use over and over again are the Bargello quilt patterns. This specific comforter pattern is made using needlework. Patient needlework is used to stitch Bargello hair onto the canvas to make carpets and pillows.

The metric design makes Bargello quilt patterns easy to work with because it keeps your interest and attention. It will also catch the interest of those who pass by your work. It could be at an arts and crafts show or even in the living room in your home and you would find admirers of these Bargello patterns.

Zig Zag

Bargello quilt patterns are strictly just quilters employing the discipline of lines in their project. Vertical stitches and horizontal stitches are used in the patterns. Paper piecing is helpful at this stage as different rows are going to have both variations in color and length.

Using needlepoint and making lines for baby Bargello quilt patterns or any type of Bargello quilt pattern can be time consuming, as you have to adjust the length of your fabric or thread throughout the pattern. Using a different color for each line will add to the depth of the quilt or wall hanging.

The lines can be designed in such a way that they follow a geometrical pattern and create angles and motifs. The vertical stitches are traditionally going to be in a straight staircase design or offset by tow other formats in step.

Fancy Your Eye

Given the attention to detail that you have to place in not only the line you use, but also the length of the fabric you can tell that even the smallest of details matter with patterns. Color may be a small detail to some, but those who have used art to express themselves before know that color plays a major role in that effort.

With Bargello quilt patterns you want to make sure the colors not only compliment one another, but that they flow together well. Complimentary colors don't necessarily always flow together in patterns. Taking color swatches and lying them side by is a great way to see if the colors will make the design you want.

While each piece of thread helps you create the Bargello quilt patterns, it is the color that moves your eye. Controlling where a person looks next is what makes these designs so interesting to look at as both an appreciator and a quilter.

How do you know which Bargello colors to use? Well, first off a primary color of blue, red or yellow can be used alongside a secondary color of green, orange or purple. If you don't want that large of a contrast, you could use lighter versions of each main color.

If you stacked your colors light to dark, you are creating a motion for your Bargello quilt patterns without having to move the comforter. These Bargello quilt patterns make a popular type of bedspread because the colors meet in the middle to continue their progression, leading your eyes to your pillow.

That's the power of color. When you start your project, think about what you are going to use it for and if it is going to be a gift. Understanding the purpose for the bedspread, comforter or even rug is going to help you choose your colors and patterns more carefully.

A rug for the foyer could feature dark maroon to highlight the chestnut hardwood floors. A quilt to be given to your daughter for her first apartment might use pastels as a base. This would give it a light and fluffy appearance to the patterns, which reminds her of a comfortable place and not a dark and drafty one.

No Beginners Luck Needed

As a beginner, you are probably wondering if these are the best quilt designs to start of with so fresh into the game. Don't be intimidated by the intrinsic appearance of the comforter or pillow Bargello patterns. You can make Bargello quilt patterns if you are new to quilting.

If you didn't want to use Bargello needlework, you could just follow this style using strips of fabric. Knowing how to use a rotary cutter is going to be perhaps the most difficult part of this technique. Each piece of fabric has to be cut exact, but remember even a comforter with blemishes is one worth enjoying.

Since you are going the fabric route for your Bargello patterns, you are going to need to cover a few steps before you can proceed. First, the type of fabric you use is very important, as it not only affects the Bargello quilt patterns but the overall comfort of the blanket.

To help make your comforter safe to wash you want to make sure the fabric goes through a test wash to see if the colors run. It wouldn't be a good impression to give someone a quilt and then have it ruin another blanket or stain their laundry machine.

You also want to make sure that the fabric is tough. You want it to be thick so it can withstand the decades of use. Cotton is always a good fabric to use for Bargello quilt patterns.

Once you find the right fabric and are ready to start cutting your Bargello quilt patterns make sure that you cut each piece in the same direction. This may seem trivial, but if you cut them on the wrong side and run out of material then you are going to have to make another trip to the store.

A trip to the store can be a hassle as buying supplies for your Bargello quilt patterns is most often a special trip out of town. While you are at the store though making sure you find some backing material for your Bargello comforter. You will want to make sure it's the same weight and color as the top half of the quilt; otherwise, it could be harder to sew the two together.

Just remember to keep it simple and take it one stitch at a time. Then and only then will you have the Bargello quilt patterns that your mind imagined all along.