Quilt Patterns

Christmas Quilt Patterns

Christmas quilt patterns can be the basis of a new family heirloom - or a new family tradition. Christmas time is a time for giving and receiving, renewing relationships and nostalgia. In these times when families are flung to the edges of the country following careers and spouses, children, and retirement, the holiday season is often the only time of year that the entire family will gather around, catch up, and enjoy the company of the living generations. These times become a treasured part of family history and are the moments that allow each family member to paint a picture of their family as a whole.

Yes, the holidays indeed are a time of warmth and love. If you are a quilter you certainly have the know how to take simple Christmas quilt patterns or complex Christmas quilt patterns and turn them into living objects that will be passed down from generation to generation. Maybe you aren't a quilter but you would like a very special gift for someone this season, perhaps a lap quilt in from one of many Christmas quilt patterns would be the perfect gift this year - and for years to come as the quilt is reused throughout a persons entire life.

Ideas for Your Christmas Quilting Pattern

Where to begin! As with so many things today, there are hundreds of Christmas quilt patterns available to you. We are all pressed for time in these busy days leading to the big day. First and foremost, know who the blanket will be made or purchased for. If you are picking among Christmas quilt patterns for a five year old, then the genre will be different than if you were picking from Christmas quilt patterns for a teenager or adult. There are even baby Christmas quilt patterns to choose from. As with any form of art the designs run the gamut from abstract, to surreal, to photographic, to modern, contemporary, traditional and classical - certainly there are as many quilt ideas as there are quilters who have ever quilted.

For fun ideas, think in terms of holiday symbols. Maybe a lap blanket with one large, playful tree, and a bright red border would be a great fun interesting piece. Other fun ideas for your design are the use of candy canes, peppermints, candles and wreaths, and even Santa Claus patterns. If you're looking for a more heirloom type project you may think in terms of a tradtional pattern, such as the pinwheel pattern but use Christmas themed fabric and colors.

Always remember that if you are a quilter, then the ideas for crafts beyond quilts are limitless. There are great ideas out there to decorate your home at a small price and with an extra bit of warmth because you created the items. Tablerunners in a wonderful blue color are great additions to any holiday decor. There is nothing quite like a homemade stocking for each family member to decorate the fireplace mantle or homemade ornaments stuffed with secret treats for the children to be hung on the tree. In a time of such commercialism there is so much that can be done to retain a home-grown feel for any family during the holiday season.

Many children are out of school during the last week or so before Santa Claus comes to visit, it's a great idea to prepare crafts to entertain them a few weeks in advance. Have all the pieces cut for a variety of projects, have them make present bags out of left over fabric from your stash, 'sewing' them together with rustic looking twine. Their receievers will be amazed at the effort and thought put into the wrapping - much less the gift!