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Double Irish Chain Quilt Pattern - Information and Instructions

The double Irish chain quilt pattern is similar in many ways to the single. Preparations of the individual blocks are more complex, requiring three colors rather than two and much more careful planning and execution when it comes time to sew the blocks together. With three colors or values to work with rather than two, there is much more room for creativity in regard to color choices. The quilt maker can choose three different shades of the same color; or alternately, go with a dark anchor color and a light contrast with a third color complementing the anchor. As with any Irish chain quilt pattern, the specifics of the color design are up to the designer. They may be put up with a specific theme in mind, or to match a room, or to reflect a gift recipient's favorite colors.

Preparing Main and Alternate Blocks

Once the materials are purchased, it is time to prepare the blocks. Two different types of blocks will need to be sewn together before the double Irish chain quilt can be assembled. In this particular pattern, the main block has 25 squares, and the alternate block has 9. The main block features all three colors, while the alternate block will only have the contrast and background colors. The blocks must be sewn together according to a particular fashion in order for them to reveal the double Irish chain quilt pattern once the entire quilt is assembled. This part of the quilting process requires your close attention, particularly if this is the first time you have attempted this design.

In this way, the double Irish chain quilt pattern is much more difficult to put together than the single. The entire look of the design hinges on successful assembly of the blocks. Careful consideration must be put into following the correct pattern and technique for assembling each individual block. This part of the job is really the one that will determine how successful the project ends up being. Once this part is successfully completed, the blocks can be sewn together, alternating one main block to one alternate block. The pattern of the double Irish chain will come out before very long, revealing the intricate beauty of this design.

Assembling the Irish Chain

When you begin assembling the double Irish chain quilt pattern by joining all the main and alternate blocks, join them in an alternating fashion the same way you would if you were quilting any kind of checkerboard-type design. It will be easy to keep track of which block you need next because after just a few blocks, the design will begin to become apparent. The rest is easy. Really, the most difficult part of the whole process may be assembling the intricate main blocks with 25 pieces of material on each of them. The double Irish chain quilt pattern is a step up in difficulty from the single, but the resulting beauty of the finished project makes the effort worthwhile.