Quilt Patterns

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Patterns

Wall hangings using double wedding ring quilt patterns can make a beautiful gift. It is somewhat of a tradition for quilters to make something special for the bride and groom on their special day. You could use the double wedding ring quilt patterns for a bedspread, comforter or even a framed quilt piece.

Double wedding ring quilt patterns have been used for ages. Quiltmakers always do something special on a wedding day and the double ring design is certainly a crowd favorite. If you have never made these types of patterns before then you may want to consult another quilter.

Making a gift for someone's wedding can be stressing. You want it done on time and beautiful enough that it makes someone walk across the room. You can't steal the show from the bride, but you can make her day special with the double wedding ring design.

People who are attempting the double wedding ring quilt patterns for the first time may wan to look at different techniques online. If you can find a quilting bee or quilt association in your local area this will also be of help. It is great to read up on quilting and see pictures of the complete patterns, but it doesn't match what a real person can show you.

Taking a course on quilting is a cheap way to learn new skills. You can pick up techniques, methods and even time savers. One of the best things to pick up though is new friends. Quilting bees have always been popular with quilters because it gives them a chance to share their passion.

Making a quilt isn't like baking a cake. Both are extensions of you, but at different levels. A quilter wants their double wedding ring patterns to represent something special. This means attention to detail is a must for this type of project. When you have someone to help you at a quilting bee or just a question and answer at a crafts fair you can make your double wedding ring quilt patterns even easier.

You can use double wedding ring quilt patterns on more than just quilts and bedspread. You can use them on a wall hanging or even a pillow case. You could even make a block using the double wedding ring design to have everyone at the wedding to sign.

A Matter of Tradition

The double wedding ring quilt patterns come with a bit of myth and mystery. The double wedding ring designs are not a new age spin created by the internet and computer programs. Instead the double wedding ring can actually be traced back to Roman times.

Double wedding ring quilt patterns have been popular all over the world and America is no different. The wedding ring patterns are believed to have travelled with German immigrants when they came to the United States in the 17th century. No matter who brought it or how it spread there is a myth surrounding the origins.

Everyone has a story about this traditional double wedding ring quilt patterns. One of the most famous is that the groom created a double wedding ring ceremony and his betrothed made a double ring pattern to match the idea. All the myths are similar to that first one in that they cannot be totally proven or denied. It is part of the folklore that makes giving double wedding ring quilts even more special on the big day.

Traditionally the bride or a member of her family creates the double wedding ring quilt patterns. One of the other myths involves the aunt of the bride who not only gave this type of pattern as a gift, but also allowed the couple to use her rings.

If you are looking for a traditional gift to give your daughter, aunt, niece or even best friend then double wedding ring quilt patterns are certainly a highlight of the quilting world. They are instantly recognizable and come in handy for a couple just starting out.

Despite their history and popularity few people will take up double wedding ring quilt patterns because of their difficulty. Luckily you can learn a few tricks and techniques to make the double wedding ring easier to make.

Tricks of the Trade

Double wedding ring quilt patterns can be difficult for even the most experienced of quilters. This means that beginners may want to try and start with something else. The wedding ring design is tricky to make because you have to make the rings overlap one another. If you are a beginner this could be intimidating. Don't feel bad though because even people who have been making quilts for years are hesitant to try these patterns.

One of the hardest parts is sewing the curve of the wedding ring. When you get to this point you could figure out how to sew a curve correctly or you could try to fuse it on the fabric. Using fusible interfacing you can make your arcs by ironing on the fabric.

Continuity is another issue with double wedding ring quilt patterns. Quiltmakers may find that using an acrylic pattern can help all their blocks be identical. The point of the double wedding ring quilt patterns is uniformity. If even one block is slightly askew it can throw of the illusions of the rings overlapping.

Color for the Wedding Quilt

Just because you are making the quilt for a wedding doesn't mean you have to follow the champagne and white color code. You can throw a splash of color in there. Quilters have even used scrap pieces of fabric to accent the double wedding ring even more. The bottom line is that color is going to be important for your double wedding ring quilt patterns.

One of the key colors you have to choose is your solid backing. The rings can be multicolored but they show up best when draped against a solid background. This doesn't mean your quilt cannot have texture. You can use a cream background that has texture such as muslin to give your patterns even more depth.

When you get to the ring patterns you might want to try to use four colors. Two can be the primary and then you would have two accent colors. An example would be using green and purple in the rings and then finding pieces of fabric that are rose and blue colors to help them stand out more.

While you look at color you can also look at fabrics that have patterns on them. You could use fabrics that have tiny flowers or teacups on them for example. Another good color addition could be permanent marker. No you don't want to stain the quilt, but you could have everyone in the wedding party sign a block of it. Then you could use this quilt block in a picture frame to give the couple later on.

If you are unsure of what colors to use for your quilt patterns make sure you review your color wheel. You should always have one in your craft corner just as you do needle and thread. Then you can make test swatches and see which colors flow better.