Quilt Patterns

Easy Quilt Patterns

Easy quilt patterns is just one way that the joy of quilting continues from generation to generation. Some people can be intimidated by picking up the age old craft, but easy quilt patterns help beginners get started and experts teach.

For those starting out in making comforters, pillows or wall hangings quilting is a specified method that joins the layers of material. By joining the fabric together, more padding is added making it heavier. There is no single way to make a quilt, thanks to the centuries of creative efforts put forth by millions of quilters.

It is all about creating something new and telling a story through needle, thread and some fabric. With each design and movement of shapes, a quilt transforms into something more than something that keeps you warm. Quilters understand that they are talking about something important to them, the person they are making it for, or even a mass audience.

While there may be easy quilt patterns that does not mean paying attention to detail just comes with the trade. Have you ever been to a quilt show? You can see thousands of different styles from the way the thread is needled to the placement of the diamonds. Even a beginner though brings something new to the sewing table when she tries one of the easy quilt patterns.

Finding a Pattern

Quilting is a lot like gardening, it really depends on the types of flowers you choose that determine what your yard will look like during spring. Just as there are an overwhelming amount of fauna, there are enough easy patterns to go around that you can quilt for years and never use the same pattern twice.

When you think about what type of design you want, you need to figure out exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Regardless of if it is just a pillow, blanket, bedspread or wall hanging, you need to think about its use. Who will you give it to? What will they use it for? What would you use it for? By keeping this train of thought, you will be able to make the quilt easy and with the message, you want to send.

The hardest part might not be finding types of patterns, but choosing one from the easy quilt patterns you do find. If you are a beginner, do not let yourself be intimidated by the types of patterns available to you as a new quilter. Instead, remember that each creation is a result of all your efforts. If you mess up just roll with it and make it a part of your comforter or pillow. Do not give up because a stitch is in the wrong place. That is one of the joys of quilting, you can make anything in anyway you want.

Let us say that you want to make a quilt for the holidays. Well there are a number of easy patterns for the holiday season ranging from Kwanzaa, Easter and even St. Patrick's Day. The internet is a great way to find easy quilt patterns no matter what the occasion is or whom you want to make a quilt for.

You are not limited to just making a quilt either. By following the easy quilt patterns, you could make a wide range of things for yourself, friends, and family. Easy things to make include:

  • Wall hanging
  • Quilt
  • Bedspread
  • Clothes
  • Bag
  • Pillow
  • Pot holder

You can tell that there will be several easy patterns that you can choose from to make any one of those. Easy quilt patterns is a great place to start as you think about what you are trying to create.

Colors in a Pattern

What do you think of when you see the color red? How about blue? Colors represent an emotion to us. Whenever a person sees a color, they have a connection with it. The color red could make a person think of the roses they received on Valentine's Day or the color of the sun setting on a beach. White could represent purity or just a blank canvas. The colors on your quilt are something you need to think about when you are looking at your easy quilt patterns.

The diamond you choose is just as important as the color of the diamond. Without color, it would be difficult to turn easy quilt patterns into pieces of art. Color makes it easy you can turn triangles, rectangles, circles and squares into anything you want.

So how do you choose which color for your comforter? The first thing is to understand where the colors lie on the spectrum. There are primary colors, blue, red and yellow. By mixing the colors together, you can create secondary colors of purple, orange and green. Easy quilt patterns that use just primary and secondary colors, no tinting or shading of them, will give a vibrant appearance. Colors can give your comforter energy, as well as take it away.

You can give your bedspread a soft effect when you use a bleeding technique. No this is not painful, in fact, it is easy. It just involves using two colors that are next to each other on the color wheel like a purple and a blue or a red next to an orange. Colors will also have depth that you need to consider for your easy quilt patterns. Warm colors, yellow, red and orange, can help a person feel closer. Alternatively, cool colors like blue, green and purple make people feel further away.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your color options just as you will with your easy quilt patterns. It is easy to find the colors you want, just go with how you feel.

Popular Designs

If you are having a hard time choosing one from the easy quilt patterns you found, then let's go over some of the most popular. There are plenty of patterns you can choose from including:

  • Log Cabin design
  • Diamonds
  • Squares
  • Block Patterns
  • Triangles
  • Applique designs
  • Nine Patch

Quilting is about being decorative and using your stitching and designs creatively. You are never boxed in to one particular type of easy design or set of patterns. Instead, you are free to create whatever you want.

A good example is making a friendship star. This is a well-known design in the quilting community and it is a great way for a beginner to get the concept of triangles. Another example would be the black and white and red all over design. This is when you use a strip piecing technique. The name of the patterns does not mean you have to use those colors; it is just a name of the easy quilt patterns.

One more choice that is popular is the mock basket weave. This allows you to just choose a bunch of striped pieces of fabric, no matter the color, and just rotate the pieces and stitch them together in a block formation.

Easy quilt patterns are a great way to get your creative quilting juices flowing. Try one today and come back next week and try it again and you will see that every design changes with every new needle and piece of thread.