Quilt Patterns

Frog Quilt Patterns

Making frog quilt patterns can be a lot of fun since it is not such a serious subject. There is a difference in making a Lone Star blanket and a frog comforter. While you can have fun with any designs, frogs tend to lend themselves to being happier and more carefree.

You make think that no one would want frog quilt patterns wrapped around them on a summer night, but you would be wrong. Frog quilt patterns are great for children and frog enthusiast. Pretty much anyone, who is not afraid of frogs, would enjoy a quilt that features the green ribbity creatures.

When you start out to make any type of patterns you should think about who the quilt is for. Maybe it is for yourself or you are trying to make a wall hanging to fit the new living room decor. Whatever the reason and whomever the recipient, attention to those likes and dislikes should be paid attention to before you start.

Having a frog enthusiast means frog quilt patterns would be perfect for them. Do not think you have to be limited into one certain area either. Frog quilt patterns go great on baby quilts, pillowcases and even wall hangings. You never know what you can do with your designs until you start playing around.

If you are a beginner you can find tips and techniques online as well as information about classes offered in your area. The internet is a great place to learn, but sometimes people need one-on-one instruction. One of the greatest ways to learn is to make a quilt with another person. You could even join or start a quilting bee.

Quilting bees are always fun, as people of all ages get together to do something they enjoy. It is just like going to the movies or out to eat. When you are part of a quilting bee you get to learn different methods, styles and patterns.

Let those around you help you with your frog quilt patterns and they will come out even better than you imagined. First you need to figure out which patterns you will use the type of material, technique and of course, what color will work best.

Leapfrog Designs

You can really have a lot of fun making up your own frog quilt patterns. Sure there are plenty that you can find for free, but frog quilt designs can be done with your scrap pieces as well. A child's quilt can really be made interactive and educational with your attention to detail.

Quilters can make a quilt really come to life with a pond, lily pad, dragonfly and bullfrog. Kids love the bright colors and it can work for both a boy and girl. This can easily be reflective of the overall nursery design as well.

Here are some frog quilt patterns that you may want to try:

  • Just Bugs
  • Kissing Frog
  • Singing Sisters
  • Frogs Eating Flies
  • Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit

You can buy the fabric with frogs already on it or separate patches to be sewn on through foundation piercing. You can even iron on some of your details or hand stitch objects such as flies and rippled effects in the water.

Using Applique

Applique is a great technique to use if you are making frog quilt patterns. This helps you add your design to another piece of fabric without the stitching taking away from the overall design. You can make invisible stitches so that your frog blends in with the patterns seamlessly.

When you are working with large scale frog quilt patterns such as a pond then you want to make sure things line ups correctly. If your frog is jumping around chasing flies for example, you would want the stitches to line up otherwise the effect is lost.

By using the applique method you can cut out different frog quilt patterns to add to your blanket. For instance, if you are using the same block repeated throughout your design you want to make sure they match up in the end. You can do this easily by using applique skills. Creating one block using the applique method will take you around five minutes where by hands without tracing it could take you an hour. This is because other methods require more fabric.

A good thing about applique is there are fewer pieces to work with because you can use a base fabric. Also, your shapes can be sewn on or even attached through heat such as with an iron. To help you sew the frog quilt patterns correctly you could use freezer paper or foundation piecing to help you with your applique.

If you need help learning about applique there are local classes that touch on the subject. You may also find information about applique and other methods online. Remember, just because one type of method works for someone else, that does not mean it will work for you as well. You need to take your time and learn what techniques work best for you when making frog quilt patterns.

Make Others Green with Envy

Frogs come in more colors than just green. There are yellow, red, orange, green, brown and blue frogs. You can make a frog any color you want when you are making your quilt or comforter. It is fun to be playful with your colors when you are using frog quilt patterns. A little boy's favorite blanket could possibly be the one with all the different color frogs hopping around from lily pad to lily pad.

After you choose your frog quilt patterns that you want to use then you should start thinking about material and color. Your material should be easy to applique with, so it should not be too thick. You want to see the tracing and you want to be able to match things up evenly. Tougher fabric can be harder to sew also when you are hand stitching.

Do not be afraid to move away from the color green in your patterns. A quilt does not have to fit into some stereotypical representation of anything, much less frogs. As a quilter it is up to you to determine what is right. Your opinion matters most. Of course, the option of the person receiving the gift is also important, but as an artist you have an idea of what colors will look best with one another.

A good way to determine which colors go with one another is to make a few sample blocks for your frog quilt. They do not take much material to make and it will be good practice as well. You can figure out different layouts for your frogs and play around with your color choices. Quiltmakers often use brighter shades for children's quilts that use frogs and bugs. Brighter colors make it more active. Those with children know that active is a sure fire way to describe children most days.

Start reviewing free frog quilt patterns and figure out how you are going to make your next bedspread or comforter. Do not get boxed into one set of methods or designs. Branch out and try new things even if you are relatively new to the quilting world.