Quilt Patterns

Hand Quilting Patterns

Hand quilting patterns are some of the most traditional designs used by quilters. Using the needle and thread is different than using a machine. Hand quilting is not for the faint of heart. It is going to take a little longer to use your hand than it will to use the machine. However sometimes quilting calls for such dedication and time consumption.

When you decide to get into quilting it is accepting a different lifestyle. One where sitting around with your friends discussing a common interest is something you aim to do as often as you can. Just like book clubs, movie clubs and even friends who just dine out with one another there are groups for quilters.

A great part about making a quilt is getting to be around other quilters. Making a quilt takes time and talent and while others may appreciate your work visually, they do not understand the time you put into it like another quilter does.

Quilting bees are a great place to meet new friends and develop your talents. This allows even the most novices of quilters to get experience from the most experienced in the group. Everyone can learn from one another. Even though he or she may be a beginner, the expert can still learn something about hand quilting patterns from them. A fresh set of eyes can help any project. Just think how much you could use a fresh pair of eyes after squinting at your needle.

The beginning of making hand quilting patterns is knowing what you are in for as a quilter. To make a comforter, quilt or bedspread you need to have time. The point of making hand quilting patterns is to do something you enjoy. Don't add more stress to your day by thinking you have to create on a fixed schedule. Be relaxed with it and you will find that your hand quilting patterns come out even better than you hoped.

Hand quilting is going to be different than your other methods. Your hand quilting patterns are going to open up though because you aren't locked into one quilt genre such as log cabin, star or even Amish. Flexibility is always a good thing so don't get overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Remember, you are supposed to enjoy what you do even if it is for work. Business or pleasure should always have some element of fun to keep your day from turning bad. This is why having friends around can inspire a quilter to keep going or change up designs completely.

Types of Methods

Hand quilting itself is a particular method you use. This can represent something as large as the entire quilt or comforter itself to just trimming up the borders. Whenever all you have in your hand is a needle, thread and quilt fabric then you are hand quilting.

This means that all hand quilting patterns must be done by hand. If you used a machine then you wouldn't be staying true to the patterns. It is the same for other patters as well. Perhaps the best example would be an Amish quilt pattern. While some think anyone can make an Amish pattern, there are others who believe that a true Amish pattern must be done by someone of that particular faith. The same thing is said about Hawaiian quilt patterns. So you can fake it or you can make it.

Applique is a specific hand quilting patterns method. The applique method involves layering fabric. There are two different fabrics used in this hand quilting technique. When you go to make your patterns you will want to sew the fabrics together, but make sure that the stitching cannot be seen.

The key to hand stitching is being consistent. This means you need to train yourself. Practice makes perfect so the only way to get better is to keep at it. Don't let it bog you down with how long it takes. The more practice you have the faster you will be able to make your hand quilting patterns.

When you go to you local fabric store or online crafts dealer make sure you choose a comfortable needle. You want something that isn't too tiny to see or to hard to hold. A thimble will also be a worth while investment. Be good to your body and it will be good to you.

Patterns and Designs to Use for Any Project

There are plenty of designs that you can use with hand quilting patterns. Just a few would be the log cabin, four patch and of course the applique. Some additional examples of designs to use include:

  • Baby quilts
  • Scrap quilts
  • Tumbling blocks

Whichever ever patterns you choose think about the lines you are going to have to use. The hand quilting patterns that use long and straight lines are going to be easier to quilt. This will also speed up the process and make things simpler if you have to take out a few blocks here and there. Don't get too fast though because just as long lines can make it easier, it can make your mistakes easier to see.

Beginners may want to just try to find a simple pattern like a five block to begin with. Simply stitching together squares is a great way to build up your technique. The size of your hand quilting patterns is going to change with your project as well. So remember if you are making a quilt it is going to be different than if you were making a wall hanging.

Thinking about Color Beforehand

You took the time to make sure your stitches lined up perfectly and that all your blocks matched up in your pattern. You did everything right. Then you looked down and you could see the stitching bright as day because you used the wrong color thread. This may seem like it could never happen, but thing like this do happen. It is alright though. Surely worse things happen to use other than the wrong color thread. It just proves a point that little things can be noticeable.

Color on a quilt is always being paid attention to because it adds to the overall hand quilting patterns. The tones of your colors are going to affect the attitude of those who look at your quilt and comforter. If you are making a wall hanging for example you want it to match the color scheme in the room and not completely clash. If it clashes then it will be a distraction instead of your hand quilting patterns being something that ties the room together.

Those who are beginning quilting and those who have been quiltmakers for decades are always learning something new about color matchups. One of the great things about technology is that you can use quilt program to lay out your colors and see how they will fair in the overall hand quilting patterns.

Each design can change with a simple addition or subtraction of a color. Think about what you want to do with your final project and the color choice will be easier than you imagined. Relax and flex your fingers and your hand quilting patterns will turn out just fine.