Quilt Patterns

Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

Hawaiian quilt patterns are symbolic of the Island life. Respect, free will and the love affair with life is represented in each Hawaiian comforter design that is stitched together. Natives to the state, tourists to its beaches and quilters all over the world use Hawaiian quilt patterns.

Quilters have even found an appeal to commerce for this particular technique because of its popularity. Businesses sell these designs in airports, local shops and even at national department chains.

The flowery designs usually appear in curved formation, almost making the viewer imagine the motion of the ocean waves against the shore. The story behind the comforter or blanket is as important to the appearance.

Hawaii quilters say it is supposed to be a reflection of their culture. That if you don't recognize it as something that an Hawaiian did, then it's not going to be one of the authentic Hawaiian quilt patterns.

This isn't the only design that is trademarked by one region. Amish quilt patterns are credited to the Pennsylvanian Dutch and other communities. The Log Cabin design is historically referred to as something from the pioneer days in North America.

Quilting is often used by families to pass down their stories, so it's only natural that communities would pick this trend up on a larger scale. Patterns tell the stories of wars, births, marriages and everything in between.

Hawaiian quilt patterns are meant to represent the island and its traditions. Most quiltmakers say that the only true Hawaiian quilts are made by a person who is Hawaiian. Even with this stipulation, it does not stop thousands of enjoying the patterns and of trying to recreate them themselves.

Little Piece of the Island

Hawaiian quilt patterns began centuries ago when the royal ladies began to enjoy patchwork. The fabric for the quilt came from the type of fabric their clothing was made of during this time. Tapa was used for years before other fabrics were employed.

The Hawaiian culture is very important on the island, and each quilt represents a stitch in history. They represented royalty all the way down to the average workers fishing in the sea.

Patterns have been passed down to tell the story of their ancestors, not by direct images, but through the use of imagery. This is what makes Hawaiian quilt designs so much a part of the pattern of life on the island.

One of the popular Hawaiian quilt patterns theme is using applique and a repeated style throughout. The style can often be described like a snowflake because it is unique and it branches out.

Quilters use the Hawaiian styles for their prints, bags, baby quilt, pot holders, wedding quilt and even table runners. That means even a quilter who is new to the trade can pick up one of the Hawaiian quilt patterns and find something to their skill level.

An Aloha Appearance

A bedspread, wall hanging or even a pillow from Hawaii can be spotted pretty quickly thanks to its use of fauna. Blossoms and hair combs are just a few of the everyday items that would inspire one of these beautiful designs.

There are some types of designs that use their shapes to make animals or people, but a Hawaii quilt is not going to use either of these things. Instead, the shapes and patterns are positioned in a certain way to evoke only the memory of a person or a story about an animal.

Colors for Hawaiian quilt patterns are usually few in number. Some quilters even think that it is bad to make a multi colored quilt. That doesn't mean you have white on white. Multi-colored in this case is referring to the overall design. Hawaii comforter patterns normally use just one single color.

You don't have to follow the superstition of bad luck though. There are some Hawaiian quiltmakers who enjoy taking their time and using several colors on the comforter. Instead of the flat appearance that a bedspread can have with minimal color use, a multi colored pattern gives the finished production dimension and depth.

While you are laying out your quilt pattern, you should start to think about the color you are going to use. Even if it is just having one base color and one accent tone, you have to contemplate what you want the comforter to look like in the end.

Remember that primary colors and secondary colors go very well together, but you don't always have to use them. You could just use a shade of either one to create a smooth contrast between your color choices.

If you are decorating your guest room to have an island theme, you might want to use a tone of blue for your blanket. This can be resemblance to the color of the sky or of the waters that tourist enjoy snorkeling in every chance they get.

A soft pastel color is going to be very breezy and lightweight. That's not the only color scheme though that will work for one of these particular quilts or comforters. Even a dark color can represent the island. A brown base with black floral design really stands out. It would be perfect to wrap up in sitting on the beach watching the sun either rise or set.

Designs to Try Today

Duplicating a pattern seems like it would be a simple task, but Hawaiian quilt patterns take a keen eye and a steady hand. The patterns are going to require at least one flower. The brighter the flower the better, but black flowers are also used in Hawaiian quilt patterns.

Just as tourists and visitors to the island are greeted with a lei of flowers, fauna is going to welcome the person using their comforter or blanket. There are different patterns that are going to capture this Hawaiian lifestyle and symbolic representation of the flower.

A few popular Hawaiian quilt patterns include:

  • Sea Turtles
  • Coconut
  • Ginger
  • Spider Lily
  • Pikake

Using applique is going to help you bring the intricate patterns to life. All you have to do is keep you eye on the x and you can find a way to create the most beautiful Hawaiian quilt patterns that your friends and family are going to love to use and show off.

Hawaiian quilt patterns are meant to be enjoyed and used. When you start to think about which pattern to use, think about who you are giving the gift to. Even if it is your son down the hall or your sister a few states away, think about what pattern or design would represent them.

You can find free Hawaiian quilt patterns free online. Just like any other type of design, it can be based on your interpretation, so remember even if it's not 100 percent perfect, it's going to be perfect because it was made with love.

Try one of the many Hawaiian quilt patterns for your next project and you'll be ready to go the next time you need a gift for a baby shower, bridal party or birthday. Even an anniversary will be warmer with one of the Hawaiian quilt patterns.