Quilt Patterns

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

The log cabin quilt pattern has to be in the top three designs for quilts, comforters and blankets of all time. Many people speculate that this pattern is as ancient as the Egyptian pyramids. The log cabin theme can be found throughout their artifacts and hieroglyphics. Just proof that quilting inspiration can be found all over the world.

When a person decides they want to quilt it is mainly because they want to create something. All log cabin quilt pattern are used to connect a person with something, even if it just warmth. Many families would use quilts to tell stories about their lineage.

There are quilts that represent the history of an individual, family, country and even the world overall. It is a talent to put together visuals from stitches and pieces of fabric. People may look at it as just a hobby, but it is one that is continuing the centuries old tradition of using art as an extension of life.

Looking over log cabin quilt pattern you will hear many stories about their beginnings and their gain in popularity during the Lincoln ear. During the Civil War log cabin quilt pattern were popular among the auctions to raise money for both sides.

People at a beginning level can make their log cabin quilt pattern easy and with a class even. You can find a community college nearby or even recreation department that will offer lessons about log cabin designs in particular. This just goes to show the popularity of the log cabin quilt pattern.

Popularity of Log Cabin Design

At quilter bees and craft shows log cabin patterns are among the most popular quilt pattern on the block. This is not because people are lazy or doing all the same pattern either. Even though log cabin designs are made up of strips of fabric they are still unique.

As people traveled across the country in search of a new frontier they made log cabin quilt pattern. They didn't really pay too much attention to things like color or fabric because they were on the move. This makes the log cabin design look a little rough, but that goes with the story they were telling. They were living by their means and off necessity.

It is said that the log cabin quilt pattern popularity can be attributed to President Abraham Lincoln. The fact that one of the most respected Presidents grew up in a log cabin helped that situation. It is because of this that the log cabin pattern is traditionally known as an American pattern even though it has roots in Africa and Europe.

The Right Look for Your Quilt

Log cabin quilt pattern are strips of fabrics that you have sewn together. While this may seem monotonous there are five distinct ways that you can set your log cabin quilt pattern apart from all the other blankets, comforters and wall hangings at the fair.

The five styles to make a quilt are:

  • Straight Set
  • Fields and Furrows
  • Barn Raising
  • Sunshine and Shadows
  • Chevron

The straight set is when the blocks are going in the same direction. You will want to deviate from dark to light colors to make this work best. You can use dark and light once again to create the fields and furrows design. This is a set of diagonal lines. It is called fields and furrows because it looks like a field. Sometimes the name can give the design away. For instance, barn raising looks like a building.

Sunshine and shadows is different than most other log cabin quilt pattern. Instead of rows a quiltmaker will use diamonds. The shape of diamonds will alternate across the design. Make sure you look up these patterns online. Very similar, a Chevron design is going to use an upside down "V". This can be very patriotic because it is based of the badge on a soldier's sleeve.

You can also try these log cabin designs:

  • Basic
  • Pineapple
  • Courthouse

Most quilts that you will see with log cabin quilt pattern will use a basic setup. This is where the dark and light are place around two corners of the block. People standing away from the blanket and wall hanging will be able to see the small triangles. This gives your quilt a diagonal appearance.

Another type of design you have probably seen is the courthouse steps. You can make this simply by framing the center of your quilt with four piles. Again this variation from dark to light makes the log cabin quilt pattern work so effectively. By placing the stacks correctly you divide the block which again creates the appearance of triangles. This time four triangles can be seen in each block and usually come out to be a diamond design.

For those up to the challenge you can make things a little more challenging with the pineapple patterns. With this you have to make sure you are placing the strips diagonally of one another. This is different than the normal right angles. To help you make it through this design a little easier you can try to use paper piecing. By tracing the design you will be sure to create the overall look you want.

Thinking Color and Style

Part of creating that overall look is knowing which color you want to use. In each type of design the use of dark and light colors was recommended. This isn't because of that color preference, but just what it does for the quilt. It gives you the most contrast so the diamonds, logs and triangles are noticeable.

To have those patterns you need colors that go well with one another. Primary colors are blue, red and yellow. From those colors you can make purple, green and orange. All six of these colors are on the color wheel as are their lighter and darker variations. The value of the color will play a big role in your patterns.

You could have two blues, but still have different colors. While both are considered blue they each have a different tone. If you have ever used paint program or even Photoshop you know that colors are given a number value. Picture this when you think about the tones. Every tint or a shade would alter its value.

Quilters also want to think about who they are giving the quilt to if it is meant to be a gift. This could make your color choice even easier because you would be pulling from a pool of colors that he or she likes. Make some test strips and you can lay the colors beside one another to review your hypothetical log cabin quilt pattern. Seeing it for yourself is the only way to know for sure if you like it or not.

Keeping a color wheel in your craft room will be a great asset to you no matter what type of designs you are using for your pillow or quilt. It is good to know which colors compliment which. Plan out your log cabin quilt pattern effectively and you will always have a nice end product. Taking the time to get things together is going to pay off when you make log cabin quilt pattern.