Quilt Patterns

Lone Star Quilt Patterns

The Lone Star quilt patterns have a deep history. These patterns represent culture when they are used by quilters. In the United States, the lone star quilt patterns are some of the most recognizable of all quilting designs.

If you are new to quilting and are looking for a great pattern to begin with, the lone star quilt patterns are certainly top choices. Lone star quilts are easily recognizable by quiltmakers and make excellent gifts. You can even use the designs on a comforter, blanket or bedspread. You can create patterns using multiple stars or even just one lone star. It is up to you.

Though it may seem that there would not be much flexibility with lone star designs there really is and you can have fun with it too. When you start to lay out your plans to make a quilt, you should consider talking it over with someone else. Often times, it helps people to just say it out loud to another person. You do not have to let the other person decide or even take their advice; you just need someone to bounce ideas around with.

Quilting bees are a great place to discuss arts and crafts. Traditionally they were a social event for women. They still serve as a great opportunity for quilters to get together. This can be every few months at an art and crafts fair or even once a week someone in town.

You can do a simple search online to see if there are any quilt societies or clubs in your area. If you find a quilting class, chances are you will find a quilt association. Discussing your techniques and methods with other quiltmakers is a great way to get better. Everyone can improve and the better you get the more fun you will have.

Making a quilt, bedspread or comforter is about having fun. No matter what designs or patterns you use you should enjoy the time you spend on your project. Lone Star quilt patterns are enjoyable during the making of and again when you see your finished product.

Meaning Behind Lone Star Quilt Patterns

Not every quilt design is going to have historic meaning; some are just sentimental to certain communities and family lineage. However, the Lone Star quilt patterns represent more than just stitches with fabric.

The Lone Star is known by other names as well including the Mathematical or Bethlehem Star which are among the oldest known quilt patterns to the modern world. Morning Stars are another variation and it comes from the Native American culture.

The state of Texas has adopted the Lone Star quilt patterns as a representation of their state pride. For Texans this type of pattern is a patriotic design. Museums display Lone Star quilt patterns in not just the state of Texas but throughout the world. The state pride has little to do with it. It is just the age of the design overall that makes it so appealing.

Just think about it being one of the oldest types of patterns and then think about how long people have been quilting. This means that the lone star quilt patterns have been around for centuries and when you make this type of pattern you are carrying on a tradition.

You do not have to be from Texas to represent this form of quilting. Quiltmakers all over the world are using the lone star quilt patterns and even adding a flower backdrop to give the stars more life. There are several designs and color choices that you can choose from to make your quilt unique even if the pattern has been around for hundreds of years.

Lone Star Designs

Don't think that just because it is just large stars that the designs are going to be difficult. Plenty of people can make them, but only few will master them. You want to make sure that when your quilt is laid flat that the center does not pouch up. Also, you should pay special attention to the corners of the stars because you do not want the corner to be crooked.

If you are going to use hand piecing techniques then you may want to wait until after you advance to intermediate stage at least. Here are a few Lone Star quilt patterns that you may want to try for your next bedspread, comforter or wall hanging:

  • Traditional Stars
  • Broken Stars
  • Blazing Stars

Pay attention to the "Y" seam because this is where your stitching will be most visible no matter what design you choose. You want to use your small triangles to make one large lone star or you can cut out enough fabric to use one solid lone star. It is up to you in how you want to make your lone star quilt patterns.

Fill Your Design with Color Colors are really helpful to Lone Star quilt patterns because they can be used to make their own shapes. So not only can you have stars made out of triangles, but your lone star could be surrounded by a circle of color without having to make those shapes. It is all about color placement. You can even use tiny stars behind your one large lone star to help add color to its definition. Appliqué designs such as flowers can also be used to give your design dimension and color variability. Looking online or in a quilting magazine you can read a lot about color. People do not realize it all the time but the colors we choose matter. You wore what you are wearing today, not just because you like the fabric but because you like the color as well. How many times have you said that you like that shirt, but only if it was in a different color? Well the same goes with quilting. Don't be afraid to be picky and go with what you like. You know what colors work well together. In case you need a refresher though, you can always download a color wheel to keep handy in your craft department. Even just keeping this in a drawer somewhere can save you time. With a color wheel you can quickly look at complimentary and contrasting colors to see what will work best with your lone star quilt patterns. If you are looking for movement then cool colors appear to be moving inward where warm colors move outward. Cool colors are usually tones of blues and purples. A more vibrant color such as orange or bright red is going to bring movement to your design. You want to keep this in mind because if your quilt is meant to be soothing then you want your colors to match that. Lone star quilt patterns used for a child's comforter for example shouldn't be so grey that it turns away imagination. However, it should also be soothing enough to allow the child to relax and go to sleep. You have to turn your mind off to sleep and bright colors can keep their eyes going. Find the right colors and lone star quilt patterns online today and get together with your friends to discuss your next project.