Quilt Patterns

Online Quilt Patterns

Using online quilt patterns is a great way to get started. You can find free quilt patterns or books and magazines with designs. The popularity of quilt websites is helping more people learn how to make comforters, blankets and even pillowcases.

The technology savvy are especially fond of online quilt patterns because they can create their own database. It almost works like a photo album. Instead of printed out pictures though they will have them in one file. You can create a PowerPoint or image slideshow to see your favorite designs quickly.

You can even open these designs in quilting software. Computer software helps you pick out colors, sizes and even print out foundation pieces for when a design calls for paper piecing. Did you know you could design your own pattern online? The internet is doing amazing things for quilting including providing the best tips and advice for quilters of all skill levels.

Using the Internet as a Teacher

Everyone is busy and attending a class may not be an option you have right now. Instead of delaying any further you could look online. Not only are there detailed instructions on how to make online quilt patterns, there are social groups online as well. You could chat with other quiltmakers all over the world. They could serve as your teacher until you could make it to class.

The social media websites such as facebook, twitter and even MySpace have become virtual quilting bees. The traditional quilting bee is when people would get together to catch up and quilt. While they made their different pattern they would discuss what was going on in each other's lives and communities. Now that same thing can be done but via webcam. Quilting is changing with the times just as it always has. Online quilt patterns are no different than magazines.

This does not mean that attending a class is a bad idea. In fact it is a very good idea. While the internet is great and watching videos on YouTube is helpful, it isn't the same as an actual person. Sometimes you have to see someone in front of you do it. To have them there to see what you are doing wrong or right. This is how quilters learn different techniques.

Quilting is a very social activity. You are simply getting together with people who like to do the same thing you do. This can be done in a family, friendly or even religious atmosphere. Amish quilt patterns are a rare glimpse into the otherwise secluded community. Being apart of the quilting circle in the Amish community is a way for the women to discuss important matters. The Amish designs are among some of the most beautiful and can be found under the online quilt patterns section.

When you look online you can review all the different types of patterns including their history. Learning about a pattern's history can be helpful. You could be inspired to do a recreation of a particular pattern you found online or read in an email newsletter. This is how designs are created.

You can also compare the size of online quilt patterns easily. There are some patterns and designs that go better with larger projects while others are more suited for a small frame quilt or pillow case. The size is definitely going to be important because you want something that will have the right dimensions. You can always alter a design to fit your specifications, but if you are a beginner this may be very difficult.

Finding the Best Online

Quiltmakers know what they are trying to create. Quilters need to realize why they are making a quilt and then when they go online finding their pattern will be easier. Thinking things through is going to save you from making mistakes or getting frustrated with your project.

There are literally thousands of online quilt patterns that you can choose from regardless of being a beginner, intermediate or experienced quilter. No matter what project for chances are you are going to find everything you need online.

Some of the most popular online quilt patterns are:

  • Five Block
  • Lone Star
  • Raggedy Quilt
  • Teacups
  • Crosses and Stars

You can try every design you want there is nothing to hold you back. There are designs for holidays and even for special occasions such as weddings and the birth of a child. Baby quilt designs are always a popular search online. Creating the right one is easy when you know what you are looking for.

Learning All the Tricks

One of the biggest things that can make your online quilt patterns work or not is the color. Don't be so quick to just snatch up two colors you like and get started. This goes back to thinking things through. Often times it helps if you give yourself sample swatches and maybe even sew a test strip together. You want the colors to go well with one another.

Making the color scheme work is vital for all patterns. When you look at your online quilt patterns you may see color or it could just be a tracing. Regardless of which it is still up to you to choose the color. You can even mimic what you see on the screen, but you have to go to the store and get it. That means you need to know the value of the color.

How dark is the blue? How light is the yellow? This really matters. You may not be aware but the colors around you make you feel a certain way. You can feel warm in a light room such as light yellow or pink. Then you can find yourself having goose bumps when you stand in a room mixed with grays. It's because warm and cool colors give off a certain feeling.

Warm colors including red, yellow and orange are more inviting. They say "hello there" while the cool colors are more like "come back later." Blue, green and purple will be the cool colors. Warm colors go outward and cool colors recede into the online quilt patterns.

You can find a color wheel online to help you see which colors contrast well with one another. Having a good contrast is important for most online quilt patterns including the tumbling blocks and log cabin. Even a star needs to have complimentary colors to help control your eye. This is why quilters think so hard about color.

When you start looking for online quilt patterns you may already have a few colors you want to work with. Perhaps you have some scrap fabric you are trying to get rid of or just purchased some beautiful fabric you can't wait to use. Knowing what colors you have will help you go through the online quilt patterns faster.

Find your online quilt patterns and you can print it out today. Then you can paper piece it to foundation paper and be on your way to learning how to quilt or creating your 100th piece. Even if you are somewhere in between online quilt patterns have something for you and your quilting bee.