Quilt Patterns

Patriotic Quilt Patterns

Using patriotic quilt patterns are not secluded to just the Fourth of July. People can be patriotic all year round and your quilt is what can keep them cool or warm. Haven't you ever wrapped up in a blanket in the shade? You could even lay out your patriotic quilt patterns at a picnic to make the scene even more tranquil and pleasant.

Patriotic quilt patterns are not exclusive to the United States of America. Every country is patriotic and there are quilt patterns that can be used for people of all origins. It is not just about America. This could be a good gift idea for example if you are hosting a foreign exchange student. Also, missionaries may be able to use patriotic quilt patterns to show their appreciation to their host family and people they visit.

Quilts have long been a gift favorite because of what they represent. Quilts and comforters are useful and much more meaningful than the gift card. The needle and thread use used will last and not have to be returned after 60 days because it fell apart. It is also special because you took the time to make it for them.

Mothers have traditionally given their children quilts to represent momentous occasions such as going off to college or getting married. They probably even let you use your first blanket on your ride home. Baby quilts are always popular and you can use patriotic quilt patterns on them as well. When you sit down to make a bedspread you are sharing a part of you with someone else. That is what makes quilting so special.

There is a special bond between quiltmakers and you can find it when you join a quilting bee. If you are not sure of a quilting bee in your area you can search for a quilt class. Often times, a beginners quiltmaker class will have information about local groups of quilters. Alternatively, you could take the class yourself and start your own quilting circle.

Once you are ready to begin you can find out which method will work best for your patriotic quilt patterns and how using color will make every design sparkle.

Uses for Patriotic Designs

Of course the Fourth of July is the obvious patriot quilt patterns reference to make, but even a St. Patrick's Day design can be seen as patriotic. The go great with pillows, wall hangings and of course blankets. When you think about someone in your family who is America proud then you might want to use patriotic quilt patterns.

A soldier going oversees may even be allowed to take their quilt with them for a little piece of home. Even if they cannot take it with them they can leave it on base to have something warm to come back to when they return. During the Civil War, women would send soldiers off with a blanket regardless of which side they were fighting for. If the soldier did in battle then they were wrapped in their patriotic quilt patterns for burial.

You can even use them for baby quilt designs as well. After all what better gift is there then the stars and stripes for the baby of two soldiers? Sentimental gifts are always the best one and if you can give an Army family a patriotic blanket themed in Amy colors and meanings it is going to be even more special than any other type of patterns you might find online.

Wall hangings are another popular way to display patriotic quilt patterns. This goes well in most homes and can be large to cover an entire wall or even small farmable blocks from a patriotic quilt patterns. No matter how you decide to use them there are several hundred patriotic designs that you can look through to find the perfect one.

What Type of Patterns Will You Make?

Patriotic quilt patterns come in all shapes and sizes. You can use stars, stripes, flags or even country representation such as the bald eagle for the United States. This means you could use a variety of quilting techniques including appliqué and hand stitching.

Types of patriotic quilt patterns that you can use on your next project:

  • Waving Flag
  • Civil War Designs
  • Union Eagle
  • Hearts and Hands
  • Texas Glory

You can review free patriotic quilt patterns online and see which one fits your skill level. If you are a beginner you don't want to start out to challenging because you do not want to get discouraged and quit. So take your time and get the help you need to finish your designs.

Color Me Proud

Almost any type of design can be turned into a patriotic quilt just by its use of color. In the United States you can use red, white and blue for pretty much any patterns and make it patriotic. That is because those colors of red, white and blue hold significant meaning for people. Colors evoke an emotional response and that is what really makes your comforter patriotic.

If you are making a patriotic quilt patterns for someone that is not representative of America then you could look up the country colors online. Sticking to that country's color scheme is always a good choice to make. It is like a safety net for color choices.

A quilt that is going to be active with colors is not going to use soft blues and purples. Instead they will use a different value of blue to give it a more vibrant appearance. It all depends on the mood of the quilts you are making. This may seem silly, but a child's quilt is going to have a different color scheme than that of a soldier.

You can also add appliqué cutouts to add more dimension to your patriotic quilt patterns. Hand stitching the edging of an eagle is going to help it stand out more as well. Make sure that your colors compliment each other by reviewing a color wheel. Quiltmakers like to keep a color wheel handy to see where there tone of red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and green fall in the spectrum.

People want to sue complimentary or contrasting colors. You do not want the color scheme to clash though because you want your quilts to be pleasing to the eye. If you make a blanket that no one wants to wrap up in then it's not exactly a successful project. However, don't sell yourself out yet. Different people like different colors so you are sure to find a compatible home for your project.

Make sure that color is in the front of your mind when you choose fabric as well. You do not want a fabric that is going to fade in color so doing a prewash before you start sewing is always a good idea. This is not only testing the colors but the durability of the fabric too. When you look online for patriotic quilt patterns they will come with color options sometimes. You can go with these for a starting point, but do not be afraid to experiment. It is your project so make it your own.