Quilt Patterns

Pinwheel Quilt Patterns

The dizziness of pinwheel quilt patterns just make them even more fun. Pinwheel quilt patterns are a lot of fun to make and look at as a quilt admirer. They work well with all sorts of quilts and comforters and can work on a large a wall hanging or even a small pillow.

Pinwheel quilt patterns are modeled after windmills. So even if you have never seen a pinwheel quilt up front and personal, you should be able to imagine what they look like. You may even remember the pinwheel you used to get as a kid when you went to the carnival or to the beach.

Quilters like to work with pinwheel patterns because it is all about shape. You do not have to be able to draw or make one; you just need to know how the shapes fit together. When you figure out how to use shapes to make pinwheel quilt patterns you will be well on your way to making your next favorite quilt, comforter or bedspread.

If you took a course on quilting then you probably already reviewed pinwheels in designs. Finding a local class to participate in is handy for pinwheel quilt patterns as well as other types of comforter designs that you may want to try. It can be difficult trying to figure it out by yourself, especially if you are a beginner.

Getting one-on-one instruction can help you learn the right methods and techniques to use for different types of patterns so you won't get stuck before you start. Many quilters work on several projects at once just to keep their mind fresh. It can get monotonous when you are unsure of what you are doing. Giving yourself options and breaks in your quilting will help you make the pinwheel quilt designs you are most proud of.

People living in a large city or a small town could also find a quilting bee. Quiltmakers are all over the world and quilting bees are a great way to get to know other people. You can talk about your latest bedspread designs or make a quilt together. Often times, quilting societies will raffle off their quilts for causes including cancer and AIDS.

You can learn the basics of making pinwheel quilt patterns online as well. You need to make sure you pay attention to the pinwheel patterns you work with and the colors you choose to represent them.

Make Some Pinwheel Triangles

Pinwheel quilt patterns are just triangles. That is why shape is so important. You are not necessarily dealing with a cut out of a perfect pinwheel. Instead you are going to have to make you some triangles. Pinwheel quilt patterns are made up of four half square triangle pieces.

The size of the blocks is up to you. You could have 14 blocks or two per square. Quick piecing is a good method of cutting your triangles and arranging them on a grid. Of course, you may find a better method that works for you. The cutting and piecing each individual triangle can be tedious so that is why quick piecing is often recommended.

When you think about how big you want each block to be then you will decide how wide each triangle will have to be as well. Uniformity is good when it comes to pinwheel quilt patterns. You do not want your pinwheels to be different sizes and all over the place. Most pinwheel quilt patterns are going to be universal in size to help create the overall effect of your pinwheels.

Different Twirling Designs

You can find plenty of pinwheel quilt patterns online, magazines and even books. You can make them think or thin and your bedspread will still look amazing with pinwheels. While most patterns are going to call for triangles, there are other shapes that are included too. A rectangle for example can serve as a good contrast for your pinwheel quilt patterns.

Types of pinwheel patterns that can be tried at any skill level include:

  • Double Pinwheels
  • Pindot
  • Baby Pinwheels
  • Mosaic Pinwheels
  • Whimsical Blocks

Even the thickness of your triangles can change your designs. You could have hundreds of small pinwheels on one quilt or just one singular large pinwheel in the middle. A thick border could frame the larger pinwheels to make a lovely wall hanging.

Pinwheel quilt patterns are versatile being used for raffles, home decor and as simple gifts. You can use them on your pillow case or your entire child's quilt, he or she crawls on. There are several uses and ways to make your pinwheel quilt patterns. When you start to think about your next project try to figure out what you are going to do with it.

The purpose of your blanket or comforter is going to relate to the overall pattern you choose. When you think about why you are making your quilts you can better determine all the details such as pattern, fabric and even color. All of these have to sync together for the pinwheel quilt patterns to fully develop.

Spinning with Color

You want to have two contrasting colors to make the pinwheel quilt patterns< be most effective. With the wrong colors your pinwheels will just look like triangles and they will have no motion. So how do you know which colors work well with one another?

Contrasting colors are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. Red and green for example are contrasting colors as they are on opposite ends of the wheel. You can find color wheels online or in quilting books. It is always good to keep a color wheel handy in your craft room so you can choose your colors easily.

Other contrasting colors are yellow and violet and blue and orange. You can pretty much take one primary color and add a secondary color and you would have a contrasting match. Complimentary colors work just as well, but when you add contrast you are giving your quilt a more dramatic appearance.

The shade of your color is also going to matter. This is often referred to as the value of color. Anyone who has ever worked with paint knows that it has a numerical value. Not only does this help keep colors straight but it helps you choose which tone you want. There is no such thing as brown, just different shades of it.

A great way to review your color choices is just to make some sample pinwheels to look at. If you are giving it as a gift you can take these swatches to see if the people like it and if it matches their home decor. Keeping with the decor is important to a lot of people and you want to take the time to consider this when you are making your quilts.

To see if your colors are going to hold out make sure you wash your fabric before you start to begin quilting. This will not only make sure the colors do not run, but it will make your quilt more durable after it has been used. Quilts are meant to last, so take the necessary precautions.