Quilt Patterns

Find a Quilt Pattern

Whether you are an expert quilter or a newbie, finding the perfect quilt pattern can be a daunting task. It's not so much that it's hard to find a great design - quite the opposite actually, there is such an abundance of them that narrowing down the selections can be very difficult. After all, if you are going to put days, weeks, and even months into a quilting project, you want to be fairly certain that you are going to love the quilt pattern you have chosen to make, whether it is for you or for someone else.

Methods for Narrowing Your Search

So, the best plan of attack for any project is to formulate a plan. Below are some general steps that can be used to help you make your choice. Remember it's ok to take the time to experiment and try different blocks before making a final decision and investing the time to make each block for the entire top, not to mention the money invested in the fabric.

  1. Know who the blanket is for. This can help you figure out the size that you need to make.
  2. Once you know who it is for and it's main purpose, whether it is going to be a bedspread, a throw on a couch, a baby quilt, etc... you should know what size you need to make.
  3. Decide if you want to create a custom design or if you would like to find a free quilt pattern. To create a pattern you can either buy quilt pattern design software or you can use graph paper and a ruler. The advantage of software is that you can often easily add colors to get a better feel for what the finished project will look like. If you decide to look for free designs, google 'quilt patterns' or 'free quilt patterns'. There are literally hundreds of options. Knowing your size upfront should help you narrow it down. For example, if it is for a Christmas gift, you may be looking for a Santa quilt pattern.
  4. After you have chosen a general pattern, it's time to go to the fabric store. It can be challenging to mix and match the colors into beautiful blocks for the pattern. This is another place where a software program can help you. You can also ask the staff of the fabric store for help and look through the quilting magazines and quilting books that they are sure to have on their shelves.

Making a blanket is a huge undertaking, especially if it is for a full, queen, or king size bed. While it is exciting to get started on any new project it is very important to plan ahead. Don't be afraid to buy small amounts of many fabrics to take home and make a sample block or two. It will be much more satisfying in the end to spend a day or two planning and creating the perfect block for your quilt pattern than to end up with a whole blanket you don't care for!

The image in the top right of this page is a stained glass quilt. This is one of our favorite patterns. Beyond any religious implication the blanket may have, the design and the way the many different types of fabrics, colors and blocks come together to create a harmonious but captivating look that you can dissect with your eyes for hours. Imagine being up close to this one and being able to see the hand stitched quilting involved. While this is obviously a very complicated design, there are many different levels of designs out there for quilters of all skill levels.