Quilt Patterns

Stained Glass Quilt Patterns

Stained glass quilt patterns take the beauty and wonder of a window and make it soft and comfortable. While the stained glass windows are beautiful to look at you cannot really wrap up with them on a cold night. You can however turn those patterns into something that you can put on a blanket, comforter or wall hanging.

Quilters have always pulled inspiration from the objects around them. A log cabin pattern for example is based off a cabin. One of the benefits of doing something like this is that it is recognizable by other people. It can be the shape of a teacup, star or even a flower and it can be used on a quilt.

If you have never made a quilt before and are looking at stained glass quilt patterns do not think it is above your realm. Classes are available for beginner quilters who are trying to branch out more. You could review your local community college circuit to see if they offer course. People may also utilize the internet to do a search for a local quilting bee.

Friends getting together to quilt is one of the best things about being a quilter. Centuries ago women would gather together and make a quilt as they caught up. This was one way they would socialize. Even the Amish community has something similar. There are not many opportunities for the outside world to be invited into an Amish setting, but Amish quilting patterns serve as an invitation.

Quilting with your friends is going to make your stained glass quilt patterns even better. You can all help each other out. Even if you are new to quilting or if you have been making pillowcases and comforters for years, you can learn a lot out of a quilting bee.

When you make a quilt together using stained glass quilt patterns you can give them away as a gift, use them for yourself or even raffle them off for charity. During the Civil War quilts were a big money draw. Both the South and North would make quilts to be auctioned off to raise money. That is the power of a good quilt.

Start your stained glass quilt patterns today by learning the different techniques, patterns and color choices that are available. Do not be afraid of the needle and thread. A stained glass design is easier than you think.

The Method of Choice: Applique

There are several ways to make a quilt and everyone likes to come up with their own method. Perhaps the best method to use for stained glass quilt patterns though is applique. Of course, you could do it any other way, but applique has been proven to be the easiest and most straight forward with stained glass quilt patterns.

Making curved shapes and using identical blocks can be very difficult because you want to make sure everything lines up correctly. It can be very frustrating when you work for weeks on stained glass quilt patterns only for it to come out uneven in the end. While there is no such thing as a bad quilt because they can all be used, there are different levels of perfection.

Applique helps raise the bar for perfection by giving you a better way to add a pattern to your quilts. Stained glass is gorgeous and part of that reason is its contours. It is a mixture of slants, angles, curves and lines. A quilter can use applique to fuse the materials to one another without being tedious.

There are different ways to use the applique method and they can be done by either machine or hand. Just because it is simpler doesn't mean you have to abandon the traditional quilting methods. There are some quiltmakers who do not want to use machines, but that does not mean they cannot use the applique technique.

Applique is a lot like paper piecing in that it keeps the stained glass quilt patterns in line. You can even trace on the pattern to make your bedspread look even more authentic. You can even take the stained glass itself to use as a base. Foundation paper is good for tracing as is freezer paper. Quiltmakers can even use a wash-away stabilizer that washes away in cold water.

Variations in Design

Stained glass quilt patterns can be religious in nature as most stained glass is found in a church setting. The Catholic faith for example uses a lot of stained glass to represent not only Biblical references but heads of the church as well.

Just because you do stained glass quilt patterns though does not mean you have to be religious. There are other types of designs that you may want to try including:

  • Lighthouse
  • Waves
  • Celebrities (Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe)
  • Peacock
  • Flowers

Second to religious themes, flowers may be the next most popular designs in stained glass. The differences of colors in the stained glass give the flower a soft appearance. You can do that with quilts just the same.

The type of fabric you choose should correspond with your design. Heavier fabrics like Muslin works well with stained glass quilt patterns especially if you are using foundation fabric. You want something that will hold up to tracing for applique, but will be a bold representation as well.

Color is Reflective

While you are thinking of your fabric choice you should also be looking at colors. The color you use in your stained glass quilt patterns matter. You are not going to want clashing colors or colorful fabric that makes up its own design, unless of course, the design matched the theme of your blanket.

Choosing the colors for your comforter patterns is very important. Again you might want to talk over your color ideas with someone. Sewing together swatches to see how colors will work with each other is a good tip. Also, if you are planning to use your stained glass quilt patterns to make a wall hanging you might want to choose which room it is going in. When you know the corresponding colors you can create a piece of art that will be the perfect fit.

Quilters using these patterns as a gift can still match colors. Perhaps you are using it to make baby quilts you could stick with gender safe boy blue and girl pink. In addition, if you know the parents favorite sports teams you could use those colors in your flower garden design.

Keeping it specific to the purpose of the blanket is going to help you choose the best colors for the project. That is what matters. It is the attention to detail that pays off in the end. Just like you took the time to choose which stained glass quilt patterns you used, you are going to go through the same process with color. Often a pattern will come with color suggestions so that is always a good place to start.

Find your free stained glass quilt patterns online and get started on your next bedspread or comforter. Wrap it up and give it away or keep it at home forever. Stained glass quilt are always a favorite.