Quilt Patterns

Wedding Quilt Patterns

Wedding quilt patterns are meant to represent a very important day in a person's life. They can be a young adult or even a senior citizen walking towards their true love to join in matrimony. Finding wedding quilt patterns to use on a pillow, bag or even blanket is going to make a great gift for the couple.

There's a lot of history with wedding quilt patterns and how they were chosen by the young ladies who sewed quilts by hand. The attention to detail might show their craft a little more and make them worldlier or even more feminine in certain people's viewpoint.

If your daughter or son is about to get married or getting prepared to get engaged, a bedspread or comforter is a great gift. It's going to represent something special to them and it's going to be unique so you won't have to worry about them getting five toasters.

One idea would be to have guests sign blocks of fabric at the engagement party and for their wedding you could present them with the finished blanket of all these blocks sewn together. This is a powerful and emotional gesture because it is their friends and family literally keeping them warm and giving them comfort when they need it during their marriage.

Walking Down the Aisle

Receiving a quilt for a wedding gift or engagement announcement isn't just a fancy idea, it's part of tradition. A woman receiving a wedding quilt is a very significant moment. Even Hawaiian quilt patterns have something that symbolizes the love that two people share at a wedding.

As far as the United States goes, wedding quilt patterns have a history. Young women would sew several comforters and blankets for their dowries (gifts) that would serve as an engagement announcement.

While the practice of dowries has left most cultures, the appeal of wedding quilt patterns have remained with quilters all around the world. A quilt is meant to tell a story and one of the best stories to tell is that of love.

A young couple starting on a journey together is a remarkable thing to witness. No matter what path they walk down or where they stay, they will have each other to keep warm with their present from you.

Say "I Do" to these Wedding Patterns and Designs

You don't have to worry about being a beginner when you look at wedding quilt patterns. There are some that novices enjoy and there are others maybe that ought to be left to the experts. Even in saying that, you can't be a beginner if you haven't even begun, so choose patterns you like and go with it.

Designs that you can choose from that can be worked on at any skill level include these popular wedding quilt patterns:

  • Love Bird Block
  • Ring Design
  • Heart in Hand
  • Fancy Fan
  • Engagement Announcement
  • Rose Wreath

One of the best things about wedding quilt patterns is that you can use all those above designs in one quilt or comforter. You could even stitch a note to the happy couple. If you didn't want to leave a note, you could at least stitch the date and time of the ceremony.

That way every time they cuddle up with it, they will be reminded of that magical day with these wedding quilt patterns. Plus, who knows - maybe it will help both of them remember the date of their anniversary.

Perhaps one of the most used wedding quilt patterns is the interlocking rings. These patterns go back several centuries when the design was used on cups in Rome. The two ring patterns represent the joining of two people in a beautiful pattern.

Colorful Ceremony

The colors you choose for your wedding quilt patterns are very important. You want to think about the couple you are giving it to and what represents their interest. In addition, you want the color to follow the overall theme of the patterns you chose.

Emotions are conveyed by color. Lighter colors can seem more inviting; while darker colors can often times give a cold feeling to a viewer. This doesn't mean a certain color is off limits when you are thinking of making a comforter as a wedding gift.

You could be making it for two Florida State University fans and need to use garnet and gold. While those two colors don't traditionally stand for wedding and nuptials, they are meaningful to the person you are giving the blanket to for a gift.

When you have chosen from the hundreds of wedding quilt patterns, you must give special thought to your color choice. One technique you can do is to write down the interest of the couple.

You want to remember that blue, red and yellow are your primary colors. When you look at these, they are going to compliment their secondary colors, which are orange, green and purple.

Here are some helpful color tips that may help you with your wedding quilt patterns for your next gift:

  • Review your color matching before hand
  • Avoiding the use of black and white in your primary and secondary colors gives the quilt a more vibrant and energetic feel
  • You want to pay attention to the tone (i.e. the darkness of) a color
  • Contrasting color helps you play with the eye a little and make images look bigger because of their color

If you are making a wall hanging or pillow to be used in the couple's first home after the wedding, see if you can't get an idea of the color scheme. In addition, if you know they are going to use this in the study then maybe you can make the patterns specific to that area. The point is you want to take the time and effort to get the nuances right for your wedding quilt patterns and choosing the right color is a big part of that.

Don't be afraid to be bold and try out different colors and patterns. Even if you have already started making the quilt, you can change up the color scheme of your blanket, comforter or pillow. Removing stitches isn't going to take that long and colors can change on you as you stare at them for a long period of time.

Cutting your strips of fabric and laying your colors along side each other could help you from having to do that though with your wedding quilt patterns. It's similar to painting a swatch on the wall and living with it for a few days to see which color patterns you like the most.

The color of the appliqué that you use is also going to affect which background and accessory colors you use for the wedding quilt patterns.

Remember that making a comforter is supposed to be fun so don't get bogged down by choosing colors. You can experiment a little and even if it's not traditional, it may be just what the newly married couple wants out of their quilt. Be bold and try one of the several wedding quilt patterns today.